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About Yachtcy

With more than 100 years of collective experience in the sales, maintenance and construction of all types of yachts and boats we have proudly earned and sustained relationships with some of the world’s most quality brands. Our company currently houses a significant selection of top names and our goal is to continue to embrace connections with new and upcoming manufacturers in the advancing global leisure marine industry.  


As a family of true sea loving professionals and with a valued reputation for our customer-centric approach we strive to create a client experience that is not just focused on a one off purchase. Rather, we desire to be part of your overall boating experience and to ensure an ongoing support chain for you. This is how we have gained the trust of our repeat clients over the years either in the sale of new boats or the trade in of old boats for new ones. 


With our sales and service offices based on the island of Cyprus, our geographic location has enabled us to actively supply products to Europeans as well as other non-Cypriot clients who choose Cyprus as the centre of their boating activities. 

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